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Baseline driver training


We are on a mission to change the way, racing drivers practice.

Practice your core driving techniques with Baseline Driver Training:

  • Pedal Input

  • Visual Attention

  • Eye-to-Foot Coordination

  • Muscle Memory

  • Mental Capacity

Practice your core racing technique

Without being in the car

You control your car with your throttle and your brakes, not with your steering wheel. The steering wheel decides whether your car goes to the left or to the right, but it is your pedals that control your car’s weight distribution and create more or less grip.

With Baseline Driver Training you are given the opportunity to change your own setup instead of your car’s setup. You will have the opportunity to constantly improve your skill set and your own abilities and the way you handle the car. This setup will accompany you for the rest of your life, no matter what car you drive, whereas if you only change the car’s setup, it will only work here and now, because the conditions change all the time.

Practice Muscle Memory

Our core training is based on replicating pedal traces using your simulator equipment. 

This helps your muscles to remember the peak pressure, the motion and the bleed, which will let your brain focus on more important things while driving on track.

Mental Capacity​

While you are practising the pedal traces, why not add some brain training to improve the challenge? 

We are using certified and science-based exercises that improve your mental capacity on and off track.

Get reference data from your own car

Import your telemetric data from Motec, VBOX, AIM and other dataloggers and practice using real data from yourself or a reference driver.

With more than 500 different training variations, Baseline Driver Training is a new way for racing drivers to acquire the skills needed to succeed in motorsport.

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