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Asetek Invicta pedals

Asetek Invicta pedals

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Variations: Asetek Invicta pedals
Asetek Invicta pedals
Asetek Invicta S-Series
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Asetek Invicta pedals

Product description

As an official Asetek resell partner we are proud to introduce you to the Asetek range.

Asetek, who are those guys?
No worries they have been keeping computers cool for ages and are stock listed.
Their ceo wears sweaters so they keep things cool ;-)
Enough wordjokes,lets jump into the product will we

Asetek SimSports™ Invicta™ Pedals are the pin­nacle of sim racing gear. The hydraulic sim racing pedals are designed with real racecar feel, durability, and ease of use in mind. They are plug’n’play capable out of the box and by using the Asetek SimSports RaceHub™ software, you will experience a plethora of advanced features for experienced sim racers. However, unlike to most sim racing products on the market, you do not require expert skills to unlock the full potential.

T.H.O.R.P.™ (Twin Hydraulic Opposing Rapid Pistons) is Asetek SimSports’ hydraulic brake cylinder which gives the racer, the ultimate experience of driving a real racecar. The entire set of pedals are, in every sense, “Made in Denmark” – Designed, engineered, and assembled in Denmark. The brake cylinder features an automotive grade pressure sensor, which makes it the closest you will come to a realistic brake experience in sim racing.

Want to “just” shave off some tenths of your best lap times? The Invicta Sim Racing Pedals will help you do exactly that. Under appreciated by many, half of the steering in a racecar is provided by the pedal input. Want to completely immerse yourself in a racing experience using a racing simulator that will provide everything but the smell of burning rubber? Invicta will be a crucial piece of your racing simulator as well.

Compatible with Invicta Throttle Footrest – a quick-to-mount accessory allowing you to rest your foot during long races.


  • Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic industrial Danish design
  • Adjustable pedal stops
  • Adjustable travel settings
  • All black anodized aluminum pedal base, pedal arms, and pedal plates, with CNC machined contrast cut surfaces.
  • Pedal base with integrated heel rest and RGB LED that can be adjusted, dimmed, or turned completely off in the RaceHub™ software
  • Adjustable pedal plates that can be moved along the x- and y-axis
  • Calibrations made in RaceHub™ will automatically be saved in our EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). This results in calibration (pressures, deadzones and more) will be remain saved for every simulator/game (You do need to set 0 and 100% value in the game).
  • Only one USB connection to the PC from the pedal base regardless of 2 or 3 pedal utilization
  • Each pedal can be calibrated through the intuitive and easy to use RaceHub™ software
  • Pedal upper and lower dead zones can be set through the RaceHub™ software
  • All adjustable mechanical features are by default colored orange
  • Inhouse developed electronics with 16-bit resolution and automotive-grade pressure sensor
  • Optional to purchase smooth sock-friendly pedal plates
  • Easy to add clutch pedal to the Throttle & Brake combo
  • Made in Denmark
  • Sustainable manufacturing with 100% on-site re-use of waste material
  • Designed and tested to 1,000,000 activations, which far exceeds any racecar specification


  • The T.H.O.R.P.™ (Twin Hydraulic Opposing Rapid Pistons) patent-pending hydraulic brake cylinder gives the you the ultimate experience of driving a real racecar
  • Die-cast aluminum zero play pedal arm with integrated long durability ball bearings and bronze bushing at the clevis rotation point.
  • Sustainable manufacturing with 100% on-site re-use of waste material
  • Automotive-grade pressure sensor
  • The inhouse designed brake cylinder features sleek CNC machined details, adding to the exquisite overall look.
  • Three interchangeable elastomers for adjustment of hardness combined with an integrated physical stop and an expansion chamber to mimic perfect racecar feel as well as not overloading the elastomer
  • Manually adjustable initial touch hardness to mimic perfect brake pad to brake disc distance
  • Pressure sensor measures 0-100 bar – tested to withstand a repetitive pressure of 100 bar (seal burst pressure 130 bar)
  • 100 bar of pressure equals 180 kg of force on the face of the pedal plate
  • Hydraulic Brake Cylinder made from forged aluminum
  • Pedal arm designed for 200 kg of force and a burst pressure of up to 700 kg!


  • Die-cast aluminum zero play pedal arm with integrated long durability ball bearings and bronze bushing at the clevis rotation point. Sustainable manufacturing with 100% on-site re-use of waste material
  • 16-bit magnetic wireless hall TPS (throttle position sensor) with no mechanical wear and zero maintenance
  • Custom throttle curves can be adjusted and 100% customized in the RaceHub™ Software to mimic real racecar butterfly opening. For example a linear curve in dry conditions and a progressive in wet conditions
  • Adjustable pedal hardness
  • Adjustable pedal travel
  • Adjustable pedal stop
  • Interchangeable spring for bigger step in pedal hardness
  • Pedal arm is designed for 200 kg of force and a burst pressure of up to 700 kg!


Depth, width, and height: 457 mm x 212 mm x 256 mm

Weight: 3 kg

 Looking for Asetek software or manuals? Check our help center!

Product specification

Asetek pedals

Throttle Mechanism Mechanical Spring Loaded Throttle
Brake Type T.H.O.R.P. Hydraulic
Throttle travel adjustment
Throttle hardness adjustment
Throttle preload adjustment
Brake hardness adjustment
Brake travel adjustment
Brake preload adjustment
Pedal angle adjustment
Upper and lower deadzone adjustment
ARGB Led Strip
Custom pedal maps
Dimensions 457 mm x 212 mm x 256 mm
Weight 6 kg
Materials Pedals: Aluminium - PCB Housing: Plastic
Throttle sensor type Hall Sensor
Brake sensor types Liquid Pressure Sensor
Power input 5V 500mA - Max 2,5 W
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C, room temperature


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Asetek Invicta pedals
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