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Asetek Closed D Black Leather Rim

Asetek Closed D Black Leather Rim

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Variations: Asetek Closed D Black Leather Rim
Asetek closed D black leather rim
Asetek Closed D Orange Leather Rim
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Asetek closed D black leather rim

Product description

Versatile in design, the Closed D Black Leather Rim adapts seamlessly to your preferred racing style. Whether you’re on smooth roads, mastering GT cars, tackling various terrains, or excelling in competitive racing, this rim is designed for it all. Crafted from high-quality materials reminiscent of real sports cars, this rim ensures both durability and authenticity. Feel the excellence as you grip genuine leather in your hands, immersing yourself in the precision and craftsmanship of our hand-stitched leather rims.

The Closed D shape ensures more leg space, while not compromising on performance and ergonomics.

This rim has a great ergonomic mold complimented by a high-quality leather material, which is perforated on the grips, making sure you have a steady grip on the steering wheel.

Since all our wheel rims are handcrafted you may expect variations in stitching, leather stretch and finish around corners.

All black leather with a red center indicator for a sleek and minimalist design.

Product specification

Asetek rims

Shape Closed D
Material Leather
Center stripe Red
Perforated handles
Diameter 330 mm
Height 300 mm
Weight 1 kg


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Asetek Closed D Black Leather Rim
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