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Simagic p1000 pedals triple set

The new Simagic p1000 pedals triple set

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Simagic Haptic Pedals Reactor
Simagic Haptic Pedals Reactor
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Variations: Simagic p1000 pedals triple set
Simagic p1000 pedals
Simagic p1000 inverted
Simagic p1000 pedals
Simagic p1000 inverted
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Simagic p1000 pedals

Product description

The new Simagic p1000 pedals

Featuring a brand new optimized design, eliminating complicated installation procedures

The standard version can be used by installing 8 screws

The unit is equipped with a profile installation plate and a wiring box, which can easily be matched with finished brackets and profile brackets for quick installation.

  • Simple and convenient, yet versatile
  • Modular integrated design, quick replacement of Rubber Pads supports free combination.
  • It can be combined up to 27648 different formulas, which is enough to match all preferences
  • Loadcell sensor and Hall angle sensor can be switched freely
  • For civilian cars with long travel distance, Hall angle sensors are more accurate
  • For race cars with short travel distance, Loadcell sensor are more accurate



Standard installation recreates the racing car experience and meets the demands of competitive driving


The Inverted installation recreates the passenger car experience, meeting the needs of more users


Precision Redefined: Unleashing the Power of CNC technology.

Unrivaled durability: withstands tests over 200,000 stomps with zero flaws.

The all-aluminum alloy metal structure ensures outstanding performance under high-strength use

Multiple adjustments

  • The pedal spacing is adjustable.
  • Pedal height can be adjustable
  • Throttle strength is adjust able light and heavy
  • Pitch angle is adjustable
  • Adjustable pedal stroke
  • Quick clutch adjustment

P-HPR(Haptic pedals Reactor)

SIMAGIC's newly patented linear motor simulate the same forces experienced in real automobiles, offering realistic and unmistakable feedback. The frequency and amplitude of vibrations may be adjusted and parameterized to accurately recreate diverse driving feedback from different vehicles. Various telemetry parameters and vibration characteristics can be modified and are constantly updated via the software.

P-HYS(Hydraulic System)

The optional P-HYS hydraulic brake system is available for purchase providing a more accurate reproduction of the damping and rebound of genuine car brakes

 Looking for Simagic software or manuals? Check our help center!

Product specification

Simagic pedals

Resolution 12Bit(4096)【High accuracy sensor】
Adjustable travel
Adjustable spring force level Clutch, brake
Hall angle/Loadcell sensor Throttle - hall angle sensor / Brake - Hall angle sensor/loadcell sensor / Clutch - Hall angle sensor
Loadcell sensor 100kg
Haptic Pedal Reactor Optional
Hydraulic cylinder
Pedal plate Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Position adjustment
Adjustable Damping
Adjustable Linearity
Adjustable Brake Force
Adjustable Deadzones
Pedal control box Included
Building material Aluminium Alloy
Dimensions 334.8mm x 336mm x 267mm
Net weight 5.65kg


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Simagic p1000 pedals triple set
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