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VPG Sim RSPG PRO steering wheel

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VPG Sim RSPG PRO steering wheel

VPG Sim RSPG PRO steering wheel

€ 2.099,00


The V-RSPG Pro is the result of intense research and development. Improving the great V-RSPG wasn’t an easy task but VPG have been listening to the community and real racing drivers feedback and implement all of that into the new V-RSPR PRO version.

  • Simhub compatibilty
  • Vocore screen
  • RGB illuminated rotaries controlled by telemetry
  • APEM 5G 6.5N illuminated button
  • New more ergonomic grips
  • 6 paddles as standerd

The V-RSPG PRO has the perfect shape and buttons layout for both GT and LMP. The weight distribution has been re-designed using the latest FEA software to give you even more detailed force feedback while racing for the win.
The new grips, developed thanks to real racing drivers feedback, are more ergonomic than ever and will give you the best handling a wheel could give you.
Made using only the best material available on the market the V-RSPG PRO comes with forged carbon fibre plate and third paddle as standard – just the cherry on the cake!

Each wheel comes in an industrial grade hard case and heavy duty USB coiled cable.

Each wheel is handmade and assembled by VPG.


  • 3MM gorilla glass screen protector
  • Single USB connector
  • Integrated clutch travel and bite point setting
  • Illuminated APEM 5G tactile switches
  • Automotive grade elma encoders
  • 4-way funky switch
  • Magnetic paddle shifters
  • Dual clutch
  • Diameter 300 MM
  • 16 RGB LEDS
  • 5MM carbon front plate, QR hub and shifter/clutch paddles
  • 6061 aluminium main body and knobs
  • Injected moulded rubber grips
  • Wheel hub on the back for 70mm wheel base and quick releases (for example: Simagic, Asetek, Simucube, Fanated Podium hub and others)

The wheel is connected via single USB with 200mm linear + 400mm coiled cable + 200mm linear.

Plug it directly into a powered USB hub (2.0 suggested) positioned as close as possible to your wheel base.

Coiled cable ->  powered hub -> PC
Coiled cable -> extension USB cable up to 2 M -> PC
Coiled cable -> active USB cable (repeater) up to 5 M -> PC

Coiled cable -> USB extension cable -> powered hub -> PC
Coiled cable -> USB extension cable longer than 2 M -> PC

VPG Sim Stealth steering wheel

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VPG Sim Stealth steering wheel

VPG Sim Stealth steering wheel

€ 1.749,00

VPG Sim Stealth wheel

The best steering wheel ever made is finally here! Stealth is made using the best materials available today and the highest quality components available from the automotive industry without any compromise.

Introducing the innovative Stealth Lighting system with 37 individually controlled RGB LEDs Stealth will make sure you have all the data you need in front of you, while pushing it to the limits. The newly designed buttons and thumb rotaries layout makes each one of them accessible without changing your handling.

Stealth parts are all machined from billet aluminium and have been engineered to offer superior rigidity and the best weight distribution possible.

Each wheel is handmade following the highest quality control and fully tested prior to shipping.

Stealth Lighting system

Each one of the front rotary encoders has 4 individually controlled RGB LEDs that can be used to show telemetry data like ABS/TC/Low Fuel level/revs etc..

Each one of the side LED strips has 8 individually controlled RGB LEDs that can be used as ambient lights or to show telemetry data like green flag/yellow flag/blue flag/ white flag/in-pit-lane etc..

The 9 RGB LEDs on the top bar can be used as revs lights to never miss a gear shift again.

The 4 RED illuminated buttons on each side can be used as car spotter to keep your safety rating at its highest.

Choose the colours and the effect you like to customise your driving experience.


  • 290mm diameter
  • Custom injected moulded grips
  • 2 thumb ELMA rotary encoders
  • 3 front ELMA rotary encoders with 4 individually controlled RGB LEDs each
  • 350gf APEM 5G RED illuminated buttons (telemetry controlled)
  • Stealth Lighting system – 37 individually controlled RGB LEDs + illuminated buttons
  • M12 industrial grade connector – one of the most reliable and efficient connection standard for industrial machinery and control applications.
  • 5mm forged carbon fibre plate and paddles
  • Billet aluminium front and back cover, dual clutch and shifter body and arms
  • Dual clutches – bite point can be adjusted without any third parties’ software and while you’re in game
  • Third paddle – Available as Standard
  • 2 sets of UV printed caps included (12 caps in total)
  • Custom Electronics board
  • SimHub Device compatible
  • Wheel hub with 70mm and 50mm bolts pattern

VPG Sim V-PGT steering wheel

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VPG Sim V-PGT steering wheel

VPG Sim V-PGT steering wheel

€ 2.169,00



We've spared no expense in integrating the most advanced and reliable electronic components, ensuring seamless performance, race after race. 12 APEM 5G 6.5N buttons on the front, 3 ELMA E33 rotary encoders + 1 ELMA MR50 rotary switch on the front, 2 ELMA E33 rotary thumb encoders, and 2 Otto P9 push buttons on the back you'll have an unprecedented level of control right at your fingertips.


At the core of V-PGT lies a masterful combination of advanced engineering and craftsmanship. We've left no stone unturned in perfecting the performance and feel of this extraordinary steering wheel. V-PGT is redefining excellence with its full carbon fiber construction. you'll experience unrivalled durability and unmatched force feedback during those intense simracing sessions.


We believe in delivering nothing but the best. That's why V-PGT boasts 4 magnetic paddle shifters with industrial-grade microswitches, ensuring a staggering lifespan of 1 million clicks. Prepare to experience smooth and lightning-fast gear changes like never before, taking your racing skills to the next level.


We understand that aesthetics plays a significant role in your simracing setup. With a standard carbon fiber body, injected molded grips, anodized aluminum knobs and button guards, and the eye-catching carbon fiber paddles, V-PGT not only performs like a champion but also looks the part.


Prepare to be mesmerized by V-PGT's 96 RGB individually controlled LEDs, an extraordinary feature that truly sets this steering wheel apart. With the SimHub software, you have complete control over the lighting effects, enabling you to match the colors to your setup, team livery, or simply set the mood for the race ahead. They provide real-time feedback on various in-game parameters, such as RPM, gear shifts, and vital telemetry data, elevating your simracing experience with unparalleled immersion.


  • Full Carbon Fibre Design
  • Injected moulded grips
  • 62 mapping inputs + 96 individually controlled RGB LEDS
  • 12 APEM 5G 6.5N buttons on the front
  • 3 ELMA E33 rotary encoders + 1 ELMA MR50 rotary switch (equivalent to 12 buttons)
  • 2 ELMA E33 thumb rotary encoders
  • 2 Otto P9 push buttons on the back
  • 4 magnetic paddles with Industrial-grade microswitches
  • 300mm diameter
  • Fully SimHub Compatible
  • Polycarbonate stickers
  • Compatible with 50mm PCD and 70mm PCD